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Do My Homework Right the First Time

Homework is a requirement at all academic levels, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. Learn to prioritize your assignments, set up a distraction-free study environment, and ask for help when necessary.

Steal time throughout the day to work on homework. For instance, a long bus ride is an ideal opportunity to do my homework or read ahead in an English assignment.


There is no point in doing your homework quickly and poorly. You will end up spending more time fixing your mistakes later, and you may not even get the grade you want. Instead, spend the extra time to do it right the first time. If you find yourself tempted to check your phone or play a few minutes of video game alien hunting, enlist the help of a gate-keeper (parent, older sibling, classmate). They can take your phone or video game controller until you’re done.


Students are often distracted from getting their assignments done on time, listening to their tutor in class, and studying for exams. Distractions can be anything from watching TV to updating your computer software. These distractions prevent you from focusing on your studies, and can make it difficult to learn new material. However, it is possible to reduce distractions in order to be more productive when studying.

The first step to eliminating distractions is identifying them. This can be a challenging task, but it is important to know what distracts you when working on an assignment. Then, you can begin to work on eliminating those distractions.

It is also a good idea to set up a workspace that is free of distractions. This may mean moving to a different room in your house or going to the library. This will help you focus on your homework and not other things. If you need to watch TV or play video games, try setting up a study break before those activities.

Another way to reduce distractions is to create a reward system for yourself. This can be something as simple as a treat after finishing your homework or as complicated as an entire day off. When you set up a reward system for yourself, it will motivate you to finish your homework and avoid distractions.

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